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  1. Francis Boilard (verified owner)

    Après 3 semaines, vascularisation apparente ! Muscles plus dure…

    S4 / AndarineS4 / Andarine

  2. Tyjoe (verified owner)

    Amazing products, quality doses and purity.

    Works great! Just gotta put in some hard work and eat right.

    I’ve put on plenty of muscle while losing fat too.

    Huge strength gains. Love it.

    Have bought three separate times off of this website and have never been disappointed.

    Fantastic customer service too.

    Zero complaints or concerns from me.

    A convenient plus to the this website is the blog, very good information, very helpful.

    Just made another (4th) order earlier today. (Four in two years)

    Will buy again. Thanks for all the help and info Alex.

    Pure Beast Stack / RAD140 + MK677 + LGD4033Pure Beast Stack / RAD140 + MK677 + LGD4033

  3. christo9999 (verified owner)

    I have multiple tendonitis in my arms which are difficult to heal and this is my magic healing potion.

    A couple of minutes after i take a normal dose 25mg, my tendons pain reduce dramastically its like magic.

    MK677 / IbutamorenMK677 / Ibutamoren

  4. Colin Hallahan (verified owner)

    It will be 2 weeks this Thursday of my 1st cycle and I’ve gone from 158.4 lbs to 170 lbs in 11-12 days. My strength is also soaring my incline bench was 205 now 245. No side effects that I have noticed. But be prepared for a much larger grocery bill as you will be eating ALOT. I’m almost half way through my 1st cycle and I’m 100% will be doing a 2nd.

    Mass Stack / RAD140 + MK677Mass Stack / RAD140 + MK677

  5. Sunny Lal (verified owner)

    I can confirm the fat loss and muscle building results after using this product. Buying again and trying the GW501516.

    MK677 / IbutamorenMK677 / Ibutamoren

  6. Gord M

    Fantastic products and company to deal with. Super fast shipping (usually same or next business day) and fair pricing and discounts.

    I recently bought a stack of RAD140 and SR9009. Near middle of the cycle, I noticed the SR9009 level was not matching the RAD even though I was dosing both at 1 ML / day. Mentioned this to them (I might have dosed the SR9009 wrong a few times so wasn’t sure if it was my mistake or theirs), they insisted I send them pictures of the bottles. To my utter amazement, Alex emailed me saying he was sending me a replacement SR9009 bottle at no charge shipping and all.
    All I can say is, forget the rest of the so-called SARM dealers, these guys are the one and only I will ever deal with. Thanks Alex and Co!

    SR9009 / StenabolicSR9009 / Stenabolic

  7. Aly (verified owner)

    Amazing, product came in on time and generous portions for price. Will definitely buy here again

    RAD140 / TestoloneRAD140 / Testolone

  8. Marc Gariepy

    Awesome customer service! Canada Post lost my package and without any issue they sent me a replacement. Can’t wait to start the this Lean Stack!!

    Leaning Stack / RAD140 + GW501516Leaning Stack / RAD140 + GW501516

  9. Francis

    I ordered the lean stack but received the bulk stack instead.Not a bad thing as I am already lean and need to add mass. Customer service is awesome and they insisted on sending me the GW free of charge. So glad I chose this company. I haven’t tried the rad140 yet but I tried the mk677 and the only thing I noticed was I got a lot of deep sleep last night and woke up refreshed. No increase in hunger but I took it before bed so maybe that’s why. My abs also look more visible too but that’s probably unrelated. Will review again once I try the rad140 and cardarine. Definitely will buy again from these guys.

    Mass Stack / RAD140 + MK677Mass Stack / RAD140 + MK677

  10. Vishal P. (verified owner)

    These guys and their products are no joke. Up 15 lbs from 4 weeks ago. Super knowledgeable and friendly. Definitely recommend!

    Mass Stack / RAD140 + MK677Mass Stack / RAD140 + MK677

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Advanced Researh SARMs

98.9% PURITY

We here pride ourselves with highest possible quality because we care about our customers and what they put in their bodies. We HPLC test our raws to bring you the highest possible quality SARMs in Canada.


We make our SARMs in Canada. With the highest quality available raws to make sure you get the highest purity of SARMs. We do not make it in tab form because oxydization of the transformation process from powder to tab makes the potency of the SARM lower.


What differentiates us is that we give exceptional customer service. We give you many options to contact us, either through Facebook Messenger on our Facebook page or through the contact form if you have any question. We answer and solve problems concisely and efficiently.


% Purity


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