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TLDR; Women can definitely use these products, in fact, most SARMs are safe for women, dosage must be lower.

In our 4 year career, we have maybe encountered 50 female customers, our email list is 98% men, our facebook and Instagram ads convert on 97% men and only 3% women. The disparity is huge and this is probably going to be the least popular article I have ever written.

Yet… it shouldn’t be.

Women that are into competitive bodybuilding/fitness make use of AAS. Especially Anavar, however, some women go as far as injecting synthetic testosterone and other steroids that can carry horrible masculinizing effects, such as growth of facial hair, deepening of the voice, clitoral growth and worst of all, these substances work so well on women that these changes are permanent. Women absorb steroids way more efficiently then men.

So can women use SARMs?

YOU BET! (and in my opinion way more efficiently then men)

In fact, most SARMs are very safe for women, because testosterone suppression isn’t really a thing that affects women deeply. Dosages differ to keep it safe for women, but that’s about it.

The best SARMs for women are MK2866 / Ostarine, S4 / Andarine, RAD140 / Testolone, LGD4033 / Ligandrol, GW501516 / Cardarine, MK677 / Ibutamoren and SR9009 / Stenabolic.

SARMs like S23, LGD3033 and YK11 carry many many risks for women.

MK2866 / Ostarine

This is to me the best SARM for women if she would like to get into a more extreme world of fitness. At a calorie deficit a woman using MK2866 will retain her muscle mass while increasing hardness and vascularity.

Best recommended dose for women of MK2866:

5-10mg is usually really well tolerated with very minimal side effects.

S4 / Andarine

Very commonly used among female athletes, it provides same benefits as MK2866 but with a harder and even more vascular look. It is a SARM that is good for photoshoot preparations.

Best recommended dose for women of S4:

10-25mg per day. S4 is rumored to have a short half-life but the actual information is unconfirmed so you can split that dose once in the morning and once before bed for maximum effect.

RAD140 / Testolone

RAD140 is arguably the most powerful SARM a woman can take, same benefits as MK2866 but multiplied by 3-4 times. Acne in the back is a common thing if a woman takes too much RAD140, so watch the dosage.

Best recommended dose for women of RAD140:

5mg-7.5mg per day, once a day.

LGD4033 / Ligandrol

LGD4033 will put the biggest amount of bulk on a woman. It will cause water retention so strength will shoot through the roof. LGD4033 is extremely efficient on women. Ligandrol is extremely powerful even at low doses.

Best recommended dose for women of LGD4033:

2.5mg per day, once a day.

Other non-sex hormone influential SARMs that work super well with women:

GW510516 / Cardarine and SR9009 / Stenabolic

Great for weight loss, won’t do anything for muscle gain, but can be stacked with other sex-hormone influential SARMs for even greater gains.

Best recommended dose for women of GW510516 and SR9009:

20mg per day, it’s a man’s dose, but since it doesn’t influence sex hormones it is side-effect free and gives great potent results

MK677 / Ibutamoren

Very good for strength gains and injury repair, however since it causes an HGH response can cause body hair growth and extreme hunger, this can be considered as undesirable, depending on your end-goal .

Best recommended dose for women of MK677:

10mg per day or less.

Side-effects and PCT:

I seriously cannot fathom why women are hesitant to work with SARMs, the biggest reported side-effect in women other than awesome gains is a change in the menstrual cycle, which would be expected since there is a hormonal change going on. This side effect disappears after stopping the use of SARMs.

PCT is unneeded in women, just taper off the dosage and all will be fine.

Another maybe unpleasant side-effect could be acne especially on the back, it goes away after discontinuation and is extremely rarely reported among female users.

In conclusion:

Women should definitely consider SARMs in their fitness journey as almost all of them are safe for usage just at lower doses.

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