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I am having issues at the checkout. What should I do?

If you are experiencing difficulties processing a credit card payment, please contact us via our contact page  or if you want a faster answer contact us via Messenger by clicking on it and chatting with us.

How long will it take to receive my order?

All orders placed are shipped within 24-48 hours assuming your payment was not declined with the exception of Holidays such as Christmas or New Years Eve. We use strictly XpressPost


Canada: 1-5 Business days

How does payment work?

We offer two methods of payment.

  1. E-transfer : We receive the payment immediately, your order is processed the same day and shipped the next day.
  2. Credit card, we accept all major credit cards, however since we are selling supplements and the fraud rate is very high in the supplement industry your credit card needs to be verified by a third party. This is done within 24-48h and is called the processing time. If your payment is successful your order is processed and is shipped usually the next day. If your order is declined, we will send you an email and there will be no charges incurred to you.
What payment offers are available to me?

We offer credit card payment on our website. All major credit cards are accepted.  We also offer E-Interac. However if you do not have a credit card and wish to not use E-Interac, please send us an email for other options of payment or simply contact us on Messenger.

How is shipping calculated?

We offer a flat rate 15$ shipping rate across the country of Canada.

What if I change my mind or want to cancel after submitting my order?

Due to the nature of this product. All sales are final. Please make sure you review your order before submitting as this is your responsibility. This is non-negotiable and emails and instant messages pertaining this subject will be ignored.

Fraudulent Orders

Our team assess’ manually every order so we can reduce credit card fraud and ensure financial security of our clients and general population. If our team deems credit card data fraudulent the offending party will see their order cancelled, IP address blacklisted, the fraudulent information will be turned over to the authorities and the offending party will be pursued to the full extent of the law. If you feel as if we have made a mistake and your credit card data is not fraudulent please come in contact with us so we can mediate the situation.

Do you ship to the United States of America?

At this moment, we only ship to Canada. Asking, contacting or in any way approaching us to ship to United States either by email or by Messenger will be ignored.

I live in a cold climate, it is winter and SARMs froze, what do I do?

While we can understand the frustration of this happening, it is your responsibility to get your package out of the cold in a timely manner. We provide you a tracking number and you can closely follow when the package is delivered. If it is too cold outside, for your information, anything below -20 degrees celsius is too cold for SARMs to be left long periods of time outside, please make sure to get the package out of your mailbox as soon as possible. No refunds will be possible for this as you need to understand you are ordering chemicals through the mail, please be careful on how they are being handled once they are in your possession. The ideal storage temperature for SARMs is 12-20 degrees celsius in a cool place without sunlight.


You may let the SARMs defrost and let them regain their consistency but their if they were frozen for a long time, this might affect their purity.

Do you guys have any reviews?

Yes, we are a trusted source on Trustpilot

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