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Advanced Research Chemicals

Buy high-quality, 98.9% pure sarms in Canada, Quebec, rad140, testolone, mk677 ibutamore, s4, andarine, gw501516, cardarine, mk677, ibutamoren, mk2866, ostarine

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Advanced Research Chemicals, founded in 2017. Our core value is to deliver the highest quality, competitively priced products paired with an unsurpassed level of customer service that will enable us to thrive for years to come. We felt the need to start this adventure because in a world where everyone wants to make a quick buck by putting incorrect dosages or harmful substances in a bottle and call it a SARM, we were needed. Honest, well priced, HPLC tested and backed up by thousands of repeat customers.

Through strategic industry partnerships, careful planning and the purest chemicals Advanced Research Chemicals plans to take over Canadian SARMs industry.


We had the choice of either providing the lowest possible prices by cutting corners and sourcing from non-reputable suppliers, or take the necessary extra measures in manufacturing and quality control to deliver the safest, most accurate and effective products available. We chose to cut no corners and provide you the purest Canadian made SARMs on the market.

Advanced Researh SARMs

98.9% PURITY

We here pride ourselves with highest possible quality because we care about our customers and what they put in their bodies. We HPLC test our raws to bring you the highest possible quality SARMs on the North American Market.


We make our SARMs in highest quality available liquids to make sure you get once again the highest purity of SARMs. We do not make it in tab form because oxydization of the transformation process from powder to tab makes the potency of the SARM lower.


What differentiates us is that we give exceptional customer service. We give you many options to contact us, either through Facebook Messenger on our Facebook page or through the contact form if you have any question. We answer and solve problems concisely and efficiently.


% Purity


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