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▸ Dosage: 750mg (25mg/ml) or 450mg (15mg/ml)

▸ Improved  strength gains

▸ Decreased body fat

▸ Does not aromatize (not estrogenic)

▸ Perfect for losing body-fat while gaining lean muscle

▸ Increased muscle recovery

>S23 PURITY TEST / March 8, 2021 (.pdf file)




Dosage: 25mg/mL ±10% or 15mg/mL ±10%

Application: Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator

CAS: 1010396-29-8

Molar Mass: 416.753 g/mol

Chemical Formula: C18H13ClF4N2O3

IUPAC Name:(2S)-N-(4-cyano-3-trifluoromethylphenyl)-3-(3-fluoro-4-chlorophenoxy)-2-hydroxy-2-methyl-propanamide

Synonyms: UNII-XDK89456WM, 3-(4-cyanophenoxy)-N-(4-cyano-3-trifluoromethylphenyl)-2-hydroxy-2-methylpropionamide, CCTH-methylpropionamide

Storage: Room temperature

Solubility: Ethanol, PEG400

Physical Form: Solution in PEG400


S23 is perhaps the most powerful SARM on the market today. It is becoming extremely popular, but it can be very dangerous if used improperly. PCT AND TESTOSTERONE BASE ARE MANDATORY FOR THIS PRODUCT.

It was developed by GTx, Inc. but unlike other SARMs by this company, it was not developed to treat muscle wasting conditions or osteoporosis. Instead, it was developed as a potential form of oral contraception for males.

It never reached clinical trials, so we have no scientific data about the impact of S23 on humans.

There is not a lot of research done on S23, people take it because of great aesthetic gains.

What is S23 good for?

According to anecdotal information, S23 is extremely effective at increasing strength. People report massive increases in strength and performance even when dropping calories and losing weight.

This makes S-23 an excellent choice when eating on a very aggressive caloric deficit and/or when preparing for a bodybuilding contest.

Fat loss

Pre-clinical animal studies on S-23 claim that this compound can burn fat on a dose-dependent manner.

We cannot extrapolate this information and confirm that this phenomenon applies to humans as well, but a large number of users claim that S-23 increases metabolism so much, that it can boost fat loss. Take that information with a grain of salt.

Losing Bodyfat (Cutting)

Losing bodyfat very fast while retaining muscle is the main reason why so many people choose to take it despite the risks that come with it.

According to anecdotal information, the cosmetic benefits are like those of steroids such as Winstrol and Masteron, so one can expect an extremely dry, veiny and 3D look when cycling S23.

Pumps are also improved, and a more 3D look is guaranteed with this SARM.




Additional information

Choose S23 Dosage:

15mg/ml, 25mg/ml


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