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Our last blog post dealt with what SARMs (Selective Androgen Regulator Modulators) are, now that you are familiar with what they actually are, what they do to your body and how they reshape your body on an anabolic but seldom androgenic level. Now, it is time to briefly explain what each SARM is and what recommended dosages are for these same SARMs.

Alright, explain to me each SARM and its dosage like I am a 5 year old!

There are many available SARMs on the market, we will focus on the 8 most popular ones. This article is a rapid-start way to get familiar with the most common SARMs so you can make a clear decision on what you actually want to get out of your performance enhancing drug. So let’s start.


LGD-4033 / Ligandrol:

LGD-4033 is arguably the most potent SARM, it has low side-effects and great for lean mass gains. It is suppressive but manageable for the majority of people. No possible aromatization, so no male breast enlargement can occur. This is the most common SARM that is talked about it is also in my opinion the strongest. It is female athlete safe too! Official studies show that only 1mg (0.1ml) dose taken every day for 28 days subjects gained 1.5kg of lean mass. Lean body mass increased with increased doses but fat mass did not change significantly. Side effects were well tolerated in these studies. Post cycle therapy is not necessary after discontinuation of this SARM, if you want to accelerate the healing process Clomid or Nolvadex can be administered for 2 weeks to restore testosterone to optimal levels.

Common side effects: very light acne, acid reflux, very low hormonal suppression.


Low: 1mg (0.1ml)

Average: 5mg (0.5ml)

High: 10mg (1ml) (Side effects become harsher after 10mg and the gains are inconsistent, this is what we call diminishing results)

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MK-2866 / Ostarine

This SARM is great for maintaining muscle mass. Very low side effects. Excellent for healing tendons. Can get very suppressive at prolonged exposition. This SARM was developed by GTx and Merck, it is a less potent SARM and was used to muscle wasting diseases. It has a bit less potency, but once again is great for mainting muscle mass for example as a part of a PCT regime after coming off steroids, since it practically has no side effects and is minimally suppressive. Will still yield impressive lean mass gains if used by itself.

Common side effects: very light acne in certain people as well as headaches are possible, very light hormonal suppression.


Low: 3mg (0.1ml)

Average: 20mg (1ml)

High: 50mg Side effects become harsher after 50mg and the gains are inconsistent, this is what we call diminishing results

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RAD-140 / Testolone

Very potent SARM, excellent for lean mass gains, more suppressive but easily manageable in short cycles. In studies, RAD-140 had a greater anabolic effect than testosterone itself but fewer androgenic effects. When researchers combined RAD-140 and Testosterone, RAD-140 reinforced the anabolic effect of injectable testosterone but reduced the androgenic side effects of injectable testosterone on the prostate. This might indicate that RAD-140 might make testosterone cycles more effective and safer. Healthy women fared better then men and had far less suppression and increased lean mass and dropped body fat. PCT is recommended for men but once again not necessary as the hormonal profiles will return to normal faster than with steroids.

Common side effects: Acne, Hair loss (observed on men only) and moderate hormonal suppression.


Low: 5mg (0.25)

Average: 10mg (0.5ml)

High: 30mg (1.5ml)

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MK-677 / Ibutamoren

Basically, this is like Oral-Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Can be run forever. Worst side effect from MK-677 is increased appetite but it settles over time and appetite goes back to normal. Scientifically speaking, MK-677 is a long acting (24 hour half life), orally active, and selective agonist of the GH-relin Receptor and growth hormone secretagogue, mimicking the growth hormone (GH)-stimulating action of the hormone GH-relin. (that was a mouthful) MK-677 significantly increases plasma growth hormone (GH) levels in both humans and animals. You can expect increased insulin resistance with elevated GH levels which in turn will cause body fat to decrease. Controlling hunger can be hard, to combat this many people take it before bedtime. Protocol of 5 days on, 2 off is recommended for people that experience joint pain or other GH symptoms they may not like such as waking up with severe pins and needles in one of your arms.

Common side effects: Joint pain and other typical high GH symptoms such as restless arms while sleeping or temporary carpal tunnel syndrome. Increased appetite.


Low: 10mg (0.35ml)

Average: 25mg (1ml)

High: 50mg (2ml)

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S-4 / Andarine

Very few side effects. Yellow tint on vision can become a problem as well as worsened night vision, vision restores to normal once the SARM is discontinued. Excellent for lean mass gains and cutting. It is suppressive but easily manageable.

Much like Ostarine it was developed to fight muscle wasting diseases, it is less potent in both anabolic and androgenic effects than other SARMs, however it produces a more of a cutting effect on the body than other SARMs, commonly referred to as “Winstrol of SARMs, minus the joint pain”. Structurally it is very similar to Ostarine, so it also has similar potency to Ostarine along with a cutting effect.

Common side effects: Very light acne is possible, Vision problems do occur, suppressive hormonally if there is a prolonged exposure.

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SR-9009 is complex. It binds and activates the Rev-Erb protein and triggers a wide range of processes in the body. The most important ones being an increase in mitochondria count in the muscles and enhanced metabolism. When mitochondria count increases one can see a drastic improvement in endurance and muscle strength. SR-9009 also burns excess calories and doesn’t allow them to convert into fat. This coupled with enhanced metabolism of glucose helps effectively burn fat which makes the body act as if it were in a constant state of exercise. We can confirm this buy looking at a recent study that states that SR-9009: “….decreased lipogenesis and cholesterol/bile acid synthesis in the liver, increased lipid and glucose oxidation in the skeletal muscle, and decreased triglyceride synthesis and storage in the WAT.” This means that less fat is stored, less cholesterol is developed by the liver, and more fat and glucose is burned in the muscles. Short half-life. Multiple dosages are required through the day.

Common side effects: None reported, not anabolic nor androgenic, activates a different variety of processes to increase endurance and metabolism.


Low: 10mg (split 4 times a day)

Average 20mg (split 4 times a day)

High: 30mg (split 4 times a day)

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GW-501516 / Cardarine

Cardarine is similar to SR-9009, which means it increases endurance just through a different mechanism, this drug binds to PPAR receptor and SR-9009 binds to the Rev-Erb protein. Fat loss is primary reason people use Cardarine because of the extended endurance benefits. It will make you leaner and extend weight lifting sessions as well as cardio sessions in the gym. Fat loss is the result of increased glucose uptake in skeletal muscle so in a nutshell you are making better use of nutrients that you consume and the decreasing the amount of carbohydrates or fat stored as adipose tissue.

Common side effects: None reported, much like SR-9009, GW501516 is not anabolic nor androgenic, it also activates a variety of processes by binding to PPAR receptor and increasing endurance and metabolism.


Low: 5mg (0.25ml)

Average: 20mg (1ml)

High: 40mg (2ml)

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So there we have it, all 8 most common SARMs laid out in a simple to understand language and what they actually do. You will notice a pattern of many SARMs being very mildly suppressive, this should not detract you from using them because these side effects are very easy to manage and most of the time this suppression goes unnoticed these side effects are nothing compared to heavy post cycle therapy that one has to do when using exogenous testosterone and steroids. Acne cases are also common but to a very light degree and clear up instantly once the usage has ceased. In conclusion, SARMs are very exciting, legal, performance enhancing drugs that will take you to a whole new level without virtually any side effects

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