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Hi there!. Stacking SARMs is an amazing thing! Once you combine SARMs together amazing things happen. A lot of you have been emailing us and asking to see real life results with our SARMs. So we will deliver, and give you a glimpse into what we do with some real life results of one of the clients we look after for competitive bodybuilding and most importantly that SARMs are very powerful drugs that can greatly enhance physique without side effects while producing long term keepable gains. No depression, no screwed up libido, no loss, just pure muscle. This article will show you the stack, training and meal plan of one of the real life competitive clients named Thierry.

Thierry when he came to us he had an average Joe shape, he expressed a desire to get shredded and really lean out his physique. Here is a picture of his physique when he came in.

Thierry is 5’11 and weighed 220lbs on this picture with a body fat of 19.7%. All in all Thierry had 15 weeks to prep for an upcoming competition.

As written before, this is your average Joe that does train at the gym but doesn’t really have grasp of proper training techniques or what he should be eating to maximize his gains. He did train constantly and had good discipline which are the pillars of anyone who is going to make it in body recomposition and changing his physique around.

First, let’s talk about food. Food is fuel, this is what you need to actually develop muscle. Since Thierry wanted to actually get really lean, he needs to be below maintenance calories, with minimal carbs, high fat and high protein. This is easy to write but to someone starting out this is very cryptic information. Here is the breakdown of what Thierry ate during his prep. For everyone that thinks that Thierry was hungry because he is below maintenance calories, think again. He ate 6 times a day.

Here is what his day looks like for food and additional supplements. For supplements, we rarely backlink to other websites because we are no shills, if we recommend a certain brand it’s because we used it for real, if no brand is recommended, just use whatever you like the best price-wise or taste-wise.

First thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, hot water and half a lemon, squeezed and mixed together with 1x Chrome Synergy.

Meal #1 / 8am:

200g of meat of choice (red meat should be limited to once or twice a week or digestive problems could arise)

Half a cup of oats (you can use truvia and cinnamon for taste if you don’t like it bland)

1x Active Nutrient Multivitamin

3000UI Vitamin D

2x Zinc from ATP Labs

1x Estro Control

10am: WORKOUT + 20g of BCAA (your choice of brand)

Post Workout Ritual:

2 magnesium caps

4 vitamin C

1x Chrome Synergy

1.5 Scoops of XPN Pure Beef Protein Powder.

Meal #2 / 10:30 AM

300g of white fish

150g of basmati rice

Vegetables, your choice just eat plenty, they help you digest.

1x Active Nutrients Multivitamin.

Meal #3 / 13:00 PM

150-200g of animal protein, once again, please limit red meat to once or twice a week.

Vegetables, your choice just eat plenty.

1 table spoon of coconut oil

1x Estro Control, / 1x Active Nutrients Multivitamin

Meal #4 / 17:00 PM

150 – 200g of poultry or white fish, no red meat in evenings.

Vegetables, your choice just eat plenty.

1x Active Nutrients Multivitamin

2x Magnesium

Meal #5 / 21 :00

Half a cup of quick Quaker oatmeal (red bag)

8 eggwhites

1x 5-htp 100mg

1x Chrome Synergy

1x Estro Control from ATP Labs.

Before sleep

2x Magnesium

1x 5-htp 100mg

As you can see there is plenty of food in there to keep the stomach full and keep you going through out the day. The supplements used in this kind of plan are highly recommended as this type of food regime will take out your vitamin supply really fast, leaving you tired, cranky and with a messed up hormonal profile and you’ll be pretty lean but you’ll have huge consequences to deal with later.

This plans amounts to 268g of protein, 126g of carbs, 66g of fat for a total of 2170 calories.

Now that food is down and tight we need to talk about training. Thierry has a 6 day split that breaks down like this: (everyone’s will be different and we are focusing on weaker points of the body, this is why certain muscles are done 2-3 times in a week) But this blueprint can actually help you do something similar, or same depending on your weak points.

Day 1: Chest / Shoulders

Day 2: Back (Biceps)

Day 3: Chest / Shoulders

Day 4: Legs

Day 5: Arms

Day 6: Back / Shoulders

20 minutes of HIIT Cardio

Click here to download the workout plan in .pdf format

And now for the SARMs portion

Here is Thierry’s stack that we used to turn him from an average Joe into a shredded-leaned out-work out machine. As yu can see though, Thierry put in a lot of hard work with food and working out constantly and consistently. Let’s take a look


Week 1-4 0.5ml (10mg) in the morning

Week 05-08 0.75ml (15mg) in the morning

Week 09-15 1ml (20mg) in the morning


Weeks 01-09 0.5ml (12.5mg) AT NIGHT


Week 01-06 (ONLY) 1ml (30mg total) 15mg in the morning and 15mg before sleep


Week 01-15 1ml (20m total) 10mg in the morning and 10mg before sleep

And now the moment we have all been waiting for; this is Thierry now! 3 weeks before his bodybuilding competition!!

The image speaks for itself, the anabolism of SARMs combined with proper nutrition and intense workouts gives intense results without the added side effects of sacrificed mental health, libido and all the other nasty side effects of anabolic steroids!

Hope you enjoyed reading this and that you actually learned something!

Until next time.

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