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TLDR; SARMs do not come with a specific protocol as they are meant for research, however, if you do not want to read this article (you should because there is bonus information in there) here is a bullet-point rundown.

  • Take your SARMs in the morning
  • If you bought Advanced Research SARMs, take 1ml of each.
  • MK677 can be taken before sleep if you experience lethargy or hunger during the day
  • SR9009 needs to be split into 4 doses of 0.25ml each.

Teach me more!

A question I get often is how and when to take your Advanced Research SARMs. I will attempt to answer this question in the following article. The answer is simple but can become quite complex depending on how much you want to learn about SARMs.

The basics

All SARMs (except MK677 and SR9009, we’ll get to that later) are best taken in the morning, if you bought our brand you should dose it at 1ml, we are unsure how other companies are dosing them, so in that instance check with them. This is of course the suggested dose, when researching the best protocol people can dose lower or higher to see the best desired effects.

What about MK677 and SR9009?

MK677 can be taken in the morning, however MK677 can cause lethargy during the day or extreme hunger. To offset these side-effects MK677 can be taken right before sleep, most users report lessened side-effects in that case.

SR9009 has an extremely short-life (4 hours) and poor bioavailability. It is in that case best taken 4 times per day split into the desired dose.

BONUS INFO: Can I take SARMs right before a workout for better pumps?

There is no official literature here, but logic dictates that if your SARM has a short half-life, it can be used before a workout since it will produce an immediate response. So, if your SARM has a short half-life try taking ½ or ⅓ of the daily dose an hour before your workout.

Here is a (very short) SARMs list with a short half-life that can be taken before a workout:

  • SR9009 (4 hours)
  • S4 (3-6 hours)
  • YK11 (unclear, but probably short half-life)
  • S23 (approx 12 hours)

In conclusion:

Your best bet is to take your SARMs in the morning. If you bought Advanced Research SARMs, you would generally take 1ml of each SARM you can take MK677 in the evening, SR9009 needs to be split into 4 doses. Our SARMs are 98.9% purity and HPLC tested however they need to be taken every day and you need to be consistent to get the best results.

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