Price Matching

We understand you may want to get more for your money, especially in this economy, so from now on until further notuce we offer price matchin. You see a better deal? We match it!!

Hi! We offer now PRICE MATCHING

Did you see a better deal than us on one of our competitors sites? Well, good news!! We are now matching prices. So if you see a CANADIAN supplier, with recent HPLC tests that has better prices than us then follow these steps to get a discount.

1. Make sure that this is a Canadian source, not from USA or other countries

2. HPLC tests must not be older than 6 months

3. Send us a screenshot with a link of the better prices, either by chat or email, and we will do our best to match the price.

Advanced Research Highlights

- 98.9% PURITY

We pride ourselves with highest possible quality because we care about our customers and what they put in their bodies. We HPLC test our raws to bring you the highest possible quality SARMs on the North American Market.


We make our SARMs in highest quality available liquids to make sure you get once again the highest purity of SARMs. We do not make it in tab form because oxydation of the transformation process from powder to tab could make the potency of the SARM lower.


What differentiates us is that we give exceptional customer service. We give you many options to contact us, either through the website chat service or through the contact form if you have any questions. We answer and solve problems concisely and efficiently., Exceptional Results: Customer Reviews