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  1. Vishal P. (verified owner)

    These guys and their products are no joke. Up 15 lbs from 4 weeks ago. Super knowledgeable and friendly. Definitely recommend!

    Mass Stack / RAD140 + MK677Mass Stack / RAD140 + MK677

  2. Jay S. (verified owner)

    Excellent product! I was very happy with it also great customer service.

    Mass Stack / RAD140 + MK677Mass Stack / RAD140 + MK677

  3. John B. (verified owner)

    alex est super connaissant des sarms, je me suis fait mal au genou et je voulais avoir un produit qui allit m’aidé a reparer mon genoux, il ma conseille tout expliqué les possibiliter et j’ai fait mon choix,,, aucun regret car mon genou va vraiment mieux

    MK677 / IbutamorenMK677 / Ibutamoren

  4. JP L. (verified owner)

    Rien de négatif à dire, une compagnie quebecoise sur la coche!!!

    LGD4033 / LigandrolLGD4033 / Ligandrol

  5. John R. (verified owner)

    J’étais ben scéptique, mais je leur ai donné une chance, et WOW! Je suis super content de mon choix. Je re-commande certin!!

    Leaning Stack / RAD140 + GW501516Leaning Stack / RAD140 + GW501516

  6. Jarred J. (verified owner)

    This lab is definitely good to go!!

    RAD140 / TestoloneRAD140 / Testolone

  7. Georges A. (verified owner)

    Starting 3rd week,Definit lean mass gains,vascularity is crazy veins in, justchest,shoulders,forearms,still getting stronger,everything is getting bigger even my legs that that don’t train die knee issues are getting hard,quads and hamstrings,just training other parts.

    Pure Beast Stack / RAD140 + MK677 + LGD4033Pure Beast Stack / RAD140 + MK677 + LGD4033

  8. Alexandre R. (verified owner)

    Shipping rapide et produits de qualité 10/10

    Mass Stack / RAD140 + MK677Mass Stack / RAD140 + MK677

  9. Danny M. (verified owner)

    definitely good stuff, not a signle complaint

    RAD140 / TestoloneRAD140 / Testolone

  10. Karl P.

    Bought 8 weeks worth of RAD140, their stronger dosage. I was stuck in a bench press plateau I could only two plates x6, this stuff in a week made me go through that plataeu in 7 days, this is excellent.

    RAD140 / TestoloneRAD140 / Testolone

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98.9% PURITY

We here pride ourselves with highest possible quality because we care about our customers and what they put in their bodies. We HPLC test our raws to bring you the highest possible quality SARMs in Canada.


We make our SARMs in Canada. With the highest quality available raws to make sure you get the highest purity of SARMs. We do not make it in tab form because oxydization of the transformation process from powder to tab makes the potency of the SARM lower.


What differentiates us is that we give exceptional customer service. We give you many options to contact us, either through Facebook Messenger on our Facebook page or through the contact form if you have any question. We answer and solve problems concisely and efficiently.


% Purity


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