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Are you Third Party Tested?

Yes, we are third party tested, all our tests are done at two different labs, Colmaric Analyticals and Bio MZ Labs. You can view them all by clicking on the button below.

If you are experiencing difficulties processing a credit card payment, please contact us via our contact page  or if you want a faster answer contact us via chat by clicking on it and chatting with us.

All orders placed are shipped within 24-48 hours assuming your payment was not declined with the exception of Holidays such as Christmas or New Years Eve. We use strictly Canada Post Expedited Parcels. We do not leave items at the Post Office during weekends. This means if you ordered Friday, your tracking number will be available on Sunday evening or Monday during the day.


Timeframe for Expedited Parcels: 1-4 Business days (assuming there are no delays)

We offer two methods of payment.

  1. E-transfer : We receive the payment immediately, your order is processed the same day and shipped the next day.
  2. Credit card, we accept all major credit cards, however since we are selling supplements and the fraud rate is very high in the supplement industry your credit card needs to be verified by a third party. This is done within 24-48h and is called the processing time. If your payment is successful your order is processed and is shipped usually the next day. If your order is declined, we will send you an email and there will be no charges incurred to you.

We offer a flat rate $15 shipping rate across the country of Canada using Canada Post.

If you just submitted an order and want to change or cancel the order contact us as soon as possible via our contact page or the chat. If the order has already shipped, we will not be able to cancel your order.

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